This amazing pizza stone is made in Massachusetts with steel sourced in America! It's designed by the company Baking Steel. After extensive research into how to be the perfect balance of performance and weight they came up with this masterpiece. 

It's made with recycled steel so good for the environment and good for the country since it's also made in the US. It measures 16" X 14" and weighs only 15 pounds. That means more even cooking for your pizza or calzone, and less weight for you to carry around the kitchen and lift out of the oven. This amazing piece of kitchen equipment is almost indestructible and won't shatter or crack with normal usage. It's pre-seasoned and easy to clean, just keep up with normal maintenance for years of excellent cooking.
It's a also great as a stovetop griddle, induction plate and even as a cold plate after it’s been frozen.

The Original Baking Steel

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